How to Arrange Items on Shelves

Shelving is so much more than arranging books. It all starts with pulling everything out of the shelves then sorting and organizing them accordingly. When the shelf is well set, you are likely to pick up an item efficiently.

Easy steps to follow when arranging items on a shelve

Start over

It is better to start with empty space when arranging a shelf. Remove all the items on the shelf before you begin to organize. Ensure the shelf and the things to place on it are clean and dusted.

Consider the back wall of the shelf

Ensure there is a contrast between the colors on the wall and the items to display. This makes the items on display visible. If the color on your display items is similar to the color on the back wall, consider painting or using wallpapers and mirrors. Also, ensure there is a balance of color between the shelf and the room.

Choose your preference

Display your items ranging from your most treasured to the ones you like least.

For art’s sake

A beautiful bowl vase makes art and sculptural objects work together by having a common theme of texture, color, and size. Why not get creative and express yourself with some pieces of homemade art hence bringing it all together with the rule of three, a well-known visual tool that offers a sense of aesthetic balance.

Consider the height

Ensure you fill the height of your display shelf.


Do not overcrowd the shelf to make the pieces on display seem essential. Ensure you do not fill up the shelf as it makes it appear cluttered. Give your shelf some space to look more attractive. For more ideas on how to arrange your space, read the article on the link below.

Creating the perfect shelf display takes time. When you work, step back and evaluate your arrangement tweaking it until you have made a harmonious whole; ask yourself basic questions like do you need to remove something and put it elsewhere?